Brusselicious 2012 EN

Hey girls,

i know i did not blog as much as i used to lately but it’s so hectic at work i only manage to do my fatshion faceoff missions but next month i’ll have loads of time again and lots to write about. Sorry about that.

Since i’m here let me talk to you about the event Brusselicious 2012. It’s an event in our capital Brussels where they link culture with gastronomy and this in different manners.

The whole year different events are organised linked with food. I’ll give you a small summary of all the stuff you can do/eat. For more information you can always go the the official website:

So here’s what’s on the agenda:

SENSATIONS: test your senses and those of animals. See, hear, taste, touch, smell this  till 02/09/2012
A table! Du champ à L’assiette (get seated! Food from the field till your plate)

Your plate reveals who you are. Therefore this exhibition confronts you with this reality on the Tour & Taxis site. Do you know the nutritional value of your favorite food? Does it contain chemicals? Where food comes from? Can you still eat it when we get 9 billion on Earth? All these questions will be answered! Till 03/06/2012

Chez Cinematek. Even the movie theater decided to participate and shows food related movies. First the movie then try out some food miam!

10/05/2012: 19h00 Film : “Big Night” (Campbell Scott) — 21h00 Tasting: Italian dishes

24/05/2012: 19h00 Film : “Les Mille et Une Recettes du Cuisinier Amoureux” (Nana Dzhordzhadze) — 21h00 Tasting: Cooking from Georgia/ central Europe

14/06/2012: 19h00 Film : “Le Festin de Babette” (Gabriel Axel) — 21h00 tasting: French Cuisine

30/06/2012: 15h00 Film : “Ratatouille” (Brad Bird) — 17h00 Dégustation : Ratatouille

19/07/2012: 19h00 Film : 4 short-movies — 21h00 Tasting: Belgian food

26/07/2012:   19h00 Film : “Jambon d’Ardenne” (Benoît Lamy) + “Saute ma ville” (Chantal Akerman) — 21h00 Tasting: Belgian specialities used in the movie: béarnaise sauce, stuffed tomatoes, steak with Belgian fries, etc.

09/08/2012: 19h00 Film : “Het Sacrement” (Hugo Claus) — 21h00 Tasting: ?

25/08/2012: 15h00 Film : “Panique au village” (Stéphane Aubier -Vincent Patar) — 17h00 Tasting: Barbecue + Farm Products

This next one is one of my favorites:

BXXL 35 giant sculptures all over Brussels

The superheroes of Brussels gastronomy descend on the city. Imagine: Brussels sprouts, chocolate, mussels, beer cups and cones of chips giant, decorated, misappropriated, customized and processed in an original way by artists with imagination. The first fine day, this monumental urban scenography will invade the streets and the most known squares of the capital. In summer, they will be gathered in a huge exhibition: undisclosed location(Royal park 😉 ), just to make everyone salivate from 22.06 till 21.09: exhibition in one place.

You can find on the site a card that shows you where to find them all. I already saw about 17 pieces just by moving around in the city. If you don’t want to walk you’ll have to wait till June to see them all gathered in the Royal parc.

Brussels Port Party the 20th of May

The Port festival is an opportunity to realize that Brussels is still a river town: we visit boats and animations that are linked to the sea and water. During Brusselicious, we expect that the tastings have an iodine flavor as shrimp fishermen were invited to the feast.

What else?

So much more like Brussels wine week, culinaria², picknick, dinner in the sky, Belgian Beer Weekend, chocolate fair, french fries festival…… do check out the site!!!

here it is again:

So you’ll know what to do if you come to Brussels in the next months!!