Fatshion Faceoff: the colored skinny Jeans

Hey girls,

It’s already wednesday and time to show this weeks item picked by Molly, the colored skinny jeans.

Man, it was hard to make this post. First i busted my zipper of my yellow skinny. I didn’t feel like wearing a black or denim one so i remembered i had a purple one in a box (to be sold as its a bit too long for me). I dug it up and achieved to make a nice outfit.

PS i took the pictures again in my living room, as i went out and forgot to put a battery in my camera!!!! Grrrrr i’m so distracted lately!. Today i forgot a bag on the roof of my car. I saw the bag fly away, i went back for it but it was gone 🙂 (Welcome into my life!!) Anyway, lets see that outfit!

Salut les filles,

C’est déjà mercredi et le moment de montrer la pièce de la semaine choisi par Molly, le skinny jean coloré.

Purée, ce n’était pas de tout repos pour faire ce post. J’ai d’abord cassé ma fermeture éclair de mon skinny jaune. Je n’avais pas envie de porter un jean noir quand je me suis rappelé que j’avais un skinny violet dans une boîte (pour être vendu comme il est  un peu trop long pour moi). Je l’ai déterré et j’ai réussi à faire une belle tenue.

PS j’ai pris les photos à nouveau dans mon salon, car quand je suis sorti, j’ai oublié de mettre une batterie dans mon appareil photo!! Grrrrr Je suis tellement distraite ces derniers temps!. Aujourd’hui, j’ai oublié un sac sur le toit de ma voiture. J’ai vu le sac s’envoler, je suis retournée sur mes pas pour le récupérée, mais il avait disparu 🙂 (Bienvenue dans ma vie!) Quoi qu’il en soit, voyons cette tenue!

As you can see i just got home, soo tired with little eyes reshooting the outfit. I love my cropped blazer. This striped blouse is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe but it looks weird on the pic. The clutch is easy to wear with the incorporated bracelet.

Comme vous le voyez j’avais des petits yeux en rentrant. Allez vite encore les photos pour le blog. J’adore mon blazer à manches retroussé. Ma blouse boule rayé (effet bizarre sur la photo)est une de mes pièces favorites dans mon dressing. Et j’ai la facilité de se petit sac avec son bracelet incorporé.

I rolled the end in the inside and you can barely notice the skinny’s too long.

I decided to wear my harajuku wedges once again as they don’t find a new home. I really love them but they’re a bit to small for me. Makes me sad :-(.

J’ai roulé  la fin du skinny vers l’intérieur, cela se voit à peine que le jean est trop long.

J’ai décidé de porter mes compensées harajuku une fois de plus car elles n’ont pas trouver un nouveau foyer. Je les aime vraiment, mais elles sont un peu trop petites pour moi. Cela me rend triste :-(.

It’s not in a great shape but this is the quickest easiest bun EVER! Try it out! I’m adding the link :-).

C’est plus le plus beau chignon mais bon c’est ça aussi quand on fait la fête. Non sérieux, c’est le chignon le plus rapide et facile à faire au monde!! Je rajoute le lien donc essayez!

beautiful bun/chignon magnifique

I took this brooch from an old New Look T-shirt. Gives it all a girly touch, isn’t it?

J’ai pris cette broche sur un vieux T-shirt New Look. Je trouve que la broche donne un plus féminin au blazer.

This is what i added to. my nightoutfit: nice clutch, purple earrings and a black ring.

J’ai rajouté ce petit sac à main, ses BO mauves et cette bague noir a ma tenue du soir.

Blazer - Torrid
Blouse - New Look Inspire
Skinny Jeans - New Look Inspire
Wedges Harajuku
Earrings - Six
Ring - M&S Mode
Clutch/sac - New Look

Voila that’s my fatshion faceoff contribution for this week. Now it’s my turn to pick the item. I’m gonna take a Martini to get inspired 😉

Don’t forget to check the blogs out from the other members of the Fatshion faceoff crew!!!

See you next week!!

Voilà ma contribution pour cette semaine. Je doit choisir la pièce pour la semaine prochaine. Un bon petit martini va bien m’inspirer ;-).

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A la semaine prochaine!!

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12 reacties op “Fatshion Faceoff: the colored skinny Jeans

  1. WOW! What did you lose with your bag? Hope your phone and wallet were safe? Well all get older and distracted, ha? 😉 Try not to forget anything else!

    Anyway, I LOVE the look lady! Very well put together :)! And what a shame that the wedges are too small for you, since they’re GORGEOUS!

    Can’t wait for your martini-infused email to us 😉 haha.


    • Hey girl,
      Just send the mail i dosed off with the martini yesterday lol
      I went for a trainee about writing a program myself so all that stuff with the degree i obtained were in the bag. I still have a weird feeling when i think about it. Lucky the phone and wallet were in another bag!!
      kisses love
      i’m off checking out your outfits!!

      • OK, good you didn’t lose anything too important!

        I like your choice, just replied to your email 🙂


        ps. VBO = visible belly outline 😉

  2. I love your look, the jeans are gorgeous and it all looks fabulous! I once left a phone on top of my car and watched smash into a million pieces behind me, so frustrating. I hope you didn’t loose anything valuable. xx

    • Hey girl i’m still sooo frustrated even if it was not a major loss. Just wondering where it was Have been looking for an hour and nothing. We’ll i’ve to check out your outfit so i’m off lol

  3. I love how you paired your skinny jeans with a blazer, and the shoes/accessories are awesome. This is such a great work appropriate look, good job! And I checked out the link for the hair updo – I’m definitely going to try it! 🙂

    Sorry about the bag on top of your car situation! That sucks! I once left my phone on top of my car (while I was pumping gas), and it flew off in the street when I left. Luckily, I realized it a few minutes later, went back, and my phone was ok. Hopefully your day got better. 🙂


    • Hey girl, It sucks but hey it was just not my day yesterday :-). It’s an easy outfit to work and go out lateron with. Do show us the result of your bun ok?
      big kiss

  4. Oh no!!! Busted your zipper?! That sucks!
    These jeans look fab on though! I love the bussiness-woman spin you’ve given to the pants- looking gorgeous!! Xx

    • Hey Molly, i love that colour and its suits you really great! Don’t worry about the zipper i’ll ask my mom to put a new one in next time she visits 🙂
      big kisses girl

  5. J’ai regardé le lien du chignon. J’adore!!!!
    Je vais trop essayer

    • hello ma jolie
      ca va super vite et le resultat est vraiment bien je trouve tu mettres une petite photo sur ton blog du resultat 🙂
      gros bisous

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