Getting to know you: 11 questions



Today i stayed home. Got a bit sick by eating something bad at work. So i surfed some blogs and saw that Dani tagged me to do the random 11 questions. I’m glad to participate and here i am
There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

11 Random Things About Yours Truly:

1. I was president of my student union when i was studying for my Tourism bachelor graduate in ’97-’98. Also been the beerqueen lol. Best times of my life. I had great fun, loads of social events to go to and believe it or not i loved to learn new stuff. If i could i would go back to school again. I’m actually thinking about going back in september after workinghours…to be continued

2. I hope to find Aladdin’s magic lamp: My wish is prepared since i’m 9 years old. ”I wish my 1000 next wishes to be granted”. I was soo imaginative when i was little.And i’m still am

3. I wan’t to make the Jersey skirt i saw on the blog of merricksart. I always wanted to make my own stuff. My grandmother was a pro dressmaker and my mum is really gifted too. I tried out my mum’s sewing machine one day when she was out and i managed to break it. She was so angry i never touched her sewingmachines again!! I was 14 but it marked me. I’m finally ready to try it out so this is something i have to accomplish this year!

4. I can’t stand all sorts of discrimination wether it’s physical, racial or political. The world is filled of it! Being a plus size coloured girl with a foreign name i can say i’m know what it feels like. And in one way it made me harder. It even made my life easier in some ways but i hope a maximum of people can be spared of this cheap evilness that can scar certain of us for life. Don’t let anyone dictate how to live your life and be who you want to be!

5. I’m suffering from three major addictions. Travelling, shopping and sadly smoking. The first one will be here for ever. I NEED to go abroad at least once a year. In all my life i skipped holidays only 2 times and those we’re the worst years in my life. I really need that foreign reload of battery to make it through the year. I’m a ”summer” person living in cold and rainy country.Secondly shopping. Sometimes it’s frantic. It feels like i’ve you make up for all those years i couldn’t buy anything likebale at my size. I’m aware of it and working on it. Thinking before buying is helping a lot (i know it sounds stupid lol) as well as going to swappingdays or exchange/sell faires. I’m even going to join (for a month) the action ‘stop shopping for 365 days’. I’ll tell you all about it in a coming post. And last but not least. Smoking. I always said i would stop for having a baby but it’s not a good reason i should quit to be healthy (and not being a noisy breathing dog after a short run). So sporting helps me out. I sport 3hours a week and those days i almost don’t smoke so i’m working on it without any pressure. I HATE pressure. But it’s one of my goals for 2012.

6. I’m a difficult eater. I eat with my eyes. I adore seafood, especially octopus. I always love to cook for other people. I’m not a fan of spicy food but all love Gordon Ramsey shows lol. I prefer fruit to chocolate.

7. This one is paradoxical. I’m dreaming of selling my appartment to buy a nice house with a garden, dressing room and garage here in Belgium but on the other side i’m hoping to do the same abroad. I’m pushing my husband to learn some languages what would make integration easier. And i want only to be in a SUNNY place!! that’s the only non negociable request.

8. I’ve been miss plus size internet (easy win only few contestants but nice contest) and participated to the missmaxibelgium election where the typical stereotype thinking was slapped in my face. Amazingly i learned some thing too ( and i know i’ll never do this again!!). And kept some great friends!!

9. I wish for a Burger King in Belgium. They miss out on great customers here  lol.

10. I’m a Taurus, only child, recently married and have 3 godchildren (18, 5, and 2) and a cute little Jack Russel goddog(13years). I love them all. Even the dog :-). I also only drink coffee on funerals.

11. I’ve always been surrounded with music and instruments. All uncles and aunts played something. Family gathering we’re almost musicals lol.Did music theory classes, played the flute but grown out of it and started spending my money on cd’s. I had over a 1000 when i stopped.

Pffff i was not so easy to come up with eleven items!! But even if its a bit personal at least you learn to know the real me.

Now let’s anwser the 11 questions of Dani:
1.  Are you a morning person or a night-owl?
I’m a real night-owl. I have the luxery to start when a i want before 9.30 AM so i sometimes stay a bit longer in bed before going to work. We watch a lot of series so there’s always something to see. I also prefer staying late at work. Easier to concentrate with less people around. I’m a definite night person.
2.  What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
I’ve been to Curaçao, Jamaica, Venezuela, Miami, Orlando, New York, Gozo/Malta,  Tunisia a.o. They all have something that attracts me. Can’t choose sorry.
3.  What language/s can you speak?  What language/s do you wish you spoke?I speak perfectly Dutch and French. My English is not bad. My german and spanish need some freshing up as i don’t use them as much as i wished!. I would love to speak arabic and chinese. I went for 4 years to the university to learn arabic but after that i could only write and read in arabic but not talk so i quit. I didn’t have vocabulary so i could read without knowing what i was reading. That was too crazy for me and got discouraged…
4.  What is the meaning behind your blog’s name/title?
I wanted to reflect the FATshion world lived through a girl from Brussels. I try to make things happen for the plus size world in Belgium but the hardest part is to motivate the girls to move their bud and do something.So i decided to post my outfits and life adventure on the net hoping to connect with some other girls who also want to make things change!
5.  What is your favorite tv show?Difficult one So i’m gonna take it litteraly. With the accent on show and forget series so i’m gonna say Top chef as the Voice finished here last week.
6.  Tell me about your secret talent.I’ve been a reggae DJ 🙂
7.  Where is your favorite place to get clothes at?  Shoes?  Makeup?

For clothes i go to New Look I often buy online: Dorothy Perkins, Torrid, F21 and Asos Curve.

Shoes: Aldo is defintely my favorite for boots i have to say Evans

Make-up: I usually go the Sephora or ELF online.

8.  What are 5 things in your closet that you can’t live without?

My Aldo shoes, black tights, my black tux jacket, a dress and my sunglasses.
9.  Biggest self-confidence booster?

Zumba and BBB. Always feel great after sporting! But the number 1 is my husband 😉
10.  How old will you be on your next birthday?  Any present you’re hoping for?My body will be 37 i’m still in my twenties 🙂 I’dd like a new camera preferably one that goes under the water.
11.  Something you wish you could tell your 13-year-old self.

Don’t worry, you won’t be a boy forever!

My 11 Questions for the Bloggers Below:

1. Why are you blogging?

2. What blog inspires you?

3. Would you change something in your past if you could?

4. What’s your favorite beverage? Do you drink enough water a day?

5. Is there something you can’t resist?

6. What’s your favorite item in your dressing?

7. What’s your favorite dessert? Wanna share the recipe?

8. Which or what art piece/place amazed you the most? Why and where is it?

9. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing tomorrow?

10. What’s your dreamjob? Why?

11. What’s the funniest/weirdest thing that ever happened to you?

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