OOTD: closet orphans number one

Hey girls,

I’m back after an awesome birthdayparty!

As promised my first mission outfit. We could almost say that’s an F21 outfit :-). As i see this picture i look like a kind of stewardess lol. I’m wearing my blue F21 coat, my new scarf, the Blue Forever 21+ dress and my yellow DP bag found on Ebay .

Salut les filles,

Enfin de retour d’une superbe soirée d’anniversaire!

Comme promis voilà ma première tenue avec ma robe bleu orpheline. On peux dire que c’est une tenue F21. Quand me voit comme cela je me fait penser à une hôtesse de l’air mdr. Je porte mon manteau bleu F21, nouvelle écharpe, et mon sac DP trouvé sur Ebay.

So what about the dress? I accessorized it with my yellow belt, a small F21 robot necklace and my F21 Black Favorite wedge shoes. I choose to add this little black shrug on the dress. My breasts are not big enough so the elastic zipper is hanging a bit in stead of being stretched.

Alors cette robe? Je la porte avec ma ceinture jaune, un petit collier Robot F21 et mes compensées favorite noire F21. J’ai mis ce petit cardigan pour cacher l’élastique dans le dos. Il pend un peu, ce n’est pas beau du tout. Il me manque (comme souvent) de la poitrine pour que l’élastique soit tendu.

Blue coat/manteau bleu -- Forever 21+
scarf/écharpe -- Paprika
Bag/sac -- Dorothy Perkins on Ebay
Blue dress/robe bleu -- Forever 21+
Belt/ceinture -- Veritas
Thights/collant -- M&S Mode
Black wedges/compensées noires -- Forever 21+

Conclusion: i love the result of my outfit with this dress but it is defenitely coming into my ”Adopt my babies” section. It’s a shame to have to wear this dress with the shrug ‘cause its the elastic in the back that adds something to this dress.Adopt her 🙂

Conclusion: J’aime beaucoup cette robe, elle aura malheureusement bientôt sa place sur ma page ”Adopt my babies”. Le motif élastique dans le dos rajoutes tellement que c’est dommage de devoir le cacher avec ce petit gilet. A adopter 🙂

9 reacties op “OOTD: closet orphans number one

  1. Thank you for joining today! I love the combination of blue and yellow, it is indeed my favorite! 🙂 The dress with the yellow belt looks fierce, are you sure you want to give it away?

    • unfortunately my boobies dont stretch the elastic in the back enough.its bothering me so i know i wont be able to enjoy this dress fully if i cant take of the shrug 🙁 thanks for launching this great mission

  2. Oh that dress is sexy! I can’t believe that you would give it up!

    My closet would have a place for it for sure ;).

    Thanks for the follow by the way, I love finding new blogs that way, and I have followed you back 🙂


    • Feel free to adopt her 🙂 xxx
      i love your blog 🙂 im reading it for a while already even spotted you at London plus
      Thansk for following back
      kiss kiss

      • You haven’t put it in your ‘adopt my babies’ list yet.. how much are you asking for it? :).

        Aww thanks, I had no idea that anyone knew me yet at Plus London!!! This brought a smile on my face, thank you girl!


      • I was thinking about 20£.. im checking the postal fares cause i never send something to the UK. I’ll post in the Adopt my babies section and let you know the posta cost 🙂 xxx

      • If it’s about £20, then I can’t right now.. I’m going to NYC in a few weeks and I need to save as much as I can. But I’m sure someone else will adopt it from you :). Thanks anyway! xx

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